Reports of Our Work

In the popular press, our cases have been reported, to our knowledge, including in the Halifax newspapers, The Chronicle Herald, The Coast, The Cape Breton Post,, other Nova Scotian and Maritime newspapers, the Canadian Press, the Globe and Mail, Le Journal de Montréal, the Ottawa Citizen, the Vancouver Province, the Edmonton Journal, British popular publications, including the Times of London, the Guardian and Independent and carried on the CBC, CTV, Global, the BBC, Reuters, Associated Press, Agence France-Presse, Netherlands newspapers. In the professional press and case reports, in addition to textbooks our cases have been covered or reported by authorities including the Lawyers Weekly, Law Times, the Dominion Law Reports, Federal Court Reporter, National Reports, Nova Scotia Reports (and related report series’), Canadian Journal of Administrative Law and Practice, Administrative Law Reports, Motor Vehicle Reports, Canadian Practice Cases, municipal law reporter, Equity and Trusts Reports, Canadian Tort Law Reporter, Construction Law Reports, Canadian Arbitration Cases, Canadian Labour Cases and appear in the data bases of major Canadian electronic report systems.

Areas In Which We Have Written

We have written popular pieces in areas including on the Canadian constitution, Freedom of Information, labour relations, press regulation and access to justice. We have written for legal audiences in areas including on access to justice, expert evidence, privacy, electronic discovery systems and pre-trial disclosure, Charter issues in arbitration, the Sedona principles, access to justice, civil procedure, pre-trial disclosure, and regulatory negligence. We are acknowledged by one text, a significant Canadian administrative and regulatory law text, as having stimulated its writing.