Practice Areas

Civil Litigation

If you need the help of a lawyer to guide you through a civil matter, Mitchell & Ferguson Associates can help.  Whether you're dealing with a disagreement related to property, or a business contract, you don't need to navigate the complex waters surrounding a civil dispute on your own. Enlist the assistance of Mitchell & Ferguson Associates in Halifax, NS.

Labour Rights

In Canada, there are specific laws that govern many aspects of the employer-employee relationship. These laws were established to offer workers protections that contribute to their overall wellbeing while on the job.

Estate Law

If you're planning for your estate's future, you may want to address your concerns with one of the Halifax, NS, probate lawyers. Mitchell & Ferguson Associates offers local representation, and our firm can help you prepare living wills or long-term care provisions.

Personal Injury Law

Unfortunately, a Halifax, NS, personal injury could occur at any time, but you may be able to seek legal redress when you retain Mitchell & Ferguson Associates to help with your case. Our firm can provide you with personal attention on every phase of your case, and it's our goal to help you get the maximum amount of financial compensation.

Administrative Law

Administrative law is a kind of anonymous law.  Rarely referred to or thought of outside of legal and government communities, in fact it is the law the regulates and controls much of both public and private authority that touches on much of our laws.

Human Rights Law

Have your human rights been violated? Do you have reason to believe that you've been discriminated against because of your race, gender, or background? If you're dealing with a legal issue relating to human rights, you should know that you don't have to face your struggle alone. Mitchell & Ferguson Associates practices human rights law in Halifax, NS and can represent your best interests if you're in the midst of a legal battle.